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29-Oct-2010 Judoka's into Ju Jutsian's

So you want to study a Martial Art ?

You talk to people, you search the internet and you find a mix of a small number of universally known classic Japanese martial arts and thousands of home grown styles that claim lineage or improvement over the time proven. The current craze in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has also produced a plethora of boxing/wrestling mashups with no documented history of real success.

Many devote years to a martial art only to discover that the style they studied had little or no basis of authenticity or clearly traceable lineage that is recognised world wide, or, perhaps most importantly cannot prove its effectiveness beyond the enthusiastic sales pitch of the teacher.

So where does a student who wants it all turn?
  • The hard won budo philosophies and principles in uncorrupted form.
  • The throws and constantly evolving grappling skills of judo.
  • The blows and kicks of Karate.
  • The wrist locks of the Aiki arts.
  • The study of famous kata.
  • Safe sporting contest and randori (sparring) for fun and personal development.
Kawaishi Jujitsu offers all of the above and is world wide.

With the demise of the Samurai class, Judo was the vehicle by which jujitsu was to be preserved by Dr Jigoro Kano, a master of two styles of tradtional Jujitsu. Mikinosuke Kawaishi, a student of Kano was the teacher responsible for the widest spread of Kano Jujitsu and sport judo to
Europe and the style of unarmed combat based on jujitsu adopted by many of todays modern defence and security forces.

If you wish to study the quintessential self defence system but lineage, authenticity and universal acceptance is of critical concern for you, then it does not get any better than Kawaishi Jujitsu with its direct traceability to Professor Jigoro Kano himself. The concept of the "black belt" in most martial arts today is in fact the legacy of Kano who developed the Kyu/Dan ranking system. Kawaishi Jujitsu is the only art with firm footings in both the proven traditional and the constant evolution of a modern competitive olympic sport.

A simple web search will yield a flood of information about Kawaishi Jujitsu as against most other so-called "Ryu" (schools) but for convenience we suggest you visit our history pages for further reading.

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