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29-Oct-2010 Judoka's into Ju Jutsian's

Your Gradings

Your gradings will be recognised by the Jujitsu Federation of Australia (and hence also the Australian Sports Commission), the Australian Judo Union and the International Budo Federation. Gradings follow exactly the Kyu/Dan grading system introduced by Dr Jigoro Kano and the coloured belt system which Kawaishi attached to the Kyu grades as follows . . .
  • White belt - RoKyu - starting grade
  • Yellow belt - GoKyu - novice
  • Orange belt - YonKyu - novice
  • Green belt - SanKyu - senior student grade
  • Blue belt - NiKyu - senior student grade
  • Brown belt - IkKyu - highest student grade, able to gain coaching qualifications and sit for black belt grading after one year in this grade.
  • Black belt - the Yudansha grades from Shodan to GoDan (1st Dan to 5th Dan)
  • Red and White belt - the Master grades from ShichiDan to KuDan (6th Dan to 8th Dan)
Red belt - 9th and 10th Dan, extremely rare in a bona fide system, no living holders of these ranks in Australia. Not achievable in under 55 years of service by the accepted rules of the Dan grading system.    

For graded judo players, a Kawaishi ranking of the same level as your judo grading is obtainable simply by studying the techniques not included in your normal sport judo curriculum. Non judo players must progress through the judo ranks until at least green belt standard before concentrating on jujitsu techniques. In short, it is not possible to grade in Kawaishi without a solid grounding in mainstream judo. While judo is heavily populated by juniors Kawaishi is only rarely taught to those under 16 years of age.

Self Defence
Each grading is accompanied by as certificate signed by an authorised representative of Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia.

In certain special circumstances, practitioners of other JuJutsu arts with a high level of credibility and a training regimen not entirely foreign to that of Judo are able to parallel grade in Kawaishi Jujitsu. Please discuss your needs with the Head of School or Dean of School.

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