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29-Oct-2010 Judoka's into Ju Jutsian's


For clubs and individuals . . .

For a club to be deemed a member club, three requirements must be met...
  1. that the head coach or nominal head of school be a member of Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia
  2. that the club be a bona fide judo club, or, able to demonstrate a strong and ongoing link with a bona fide judo club or to be a member of a recognised Judo parent body or that the head coach or nominal head of school hold a bona fide judo grading of IkKyu or above.
  3. that the club demonstrates a practising commitment to a set of standards set by Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia. Membership of Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia shall be terminated at the discretion of the Head of School if it is found that such standards are not being met or are not likely to be met.
Individuals need only join a Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia certified school to gain the benefits of recognition, they do not need to join Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia as individuals. Any student grading under the Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia system via their recognised school or directly with the home school will be recorded as a rank holder in the Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia Register of Awards. There is a fee of $35 for Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia Kyu gradings and $55 for Dan gradings, both of which include a framed and numbered certificate, recording of such in the register of awards and an appropriately coloured belt. Clubs who wish to make their own arrangements for belts and certificate framing can obtain the unmounted certificate and register entry for $10.

Lifetime membership for both schools and individuals is currently set at $50

Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia does not supply insurance services and other membership facilities it is merely a standards setting and teaching body and keeper of the register of awards.

Individuals can also elect to become a direct member of the mother school whether or not they are a member of another jujitsu school and whether or not such school be an affiliate of Kawaishi Jujitsu Australia.

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